Enjoy it the way you like it

We have delicious sandwiches, fresh juices, little bites, surprising drinks and you can compose your own salad. So feel free to give yourself a little yummy gift!


We use as many as possible local and biological products. This is also offered in biodegradable disposable tableware, you can take with you if desired.
Handy if you are in a hurry in the morning, rather would like to sit outside in the park or quietly enjoy it at home. It is sturdy material, but remember, you can just throw it at the green waste.


COFFEE! And a cup of tea, dear?
We are mad about good coffee! How you like to drink your coffee varies per person per time. We serve delicious biological coffee from Manetti. You can choose an Italian grind or a softer Dutch variant. Please drink it, the way you like it!

We hope all the tea lovers will be happily surprised with our biological tea from Numi, the purest tea on the planet. Tea reminds us of a place where we find the time for our thoughts and insights. With every cup a different experience.
Whatever you decide to drink or with whom, we like to give your day a nice taste!

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